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The Business Case

The Business Case

The independent business case for the National Aboriginal Art Gallery in Mparntwe (Alice Springs) indicates the project will bring an additional 53,000 visitors each year, deliver up to $64 million into the economy annually and generate up to 245 local jobs.

Prepared by Ernst & Young (EY), the business case is based on the development of a CBD-based national institution and finds that it will deliver significant social, cultural and economic benefit to Alice Springs and surrounding region. It was commissioned by the Northern Territory Government in September 2018.

The Northern Territory Government has committed an initial $50 million to the Gallery project as part of its $100 million investment in a nationally significant Arts Trail throughout the Territory to support and grow the arts and cultural industry, and provide new and enhanced attractions for national and international visitors.

According to the key economic findings of the business case, the Gallery will bring:

  • an additional 53,000 visitors to Alice Springs each year, with visitation generating a further economic contribution of between $42.8 and $64.2 million and 164 to 245 jobs.
  • a direct economic contribution from Gallery employment of around $13.73 million per annum and up to 69 jobs once fully operational.
  • an economic contribution of between $118.6 and $142.4 million during the construction phase and up to 260 associated jobs each year over two years.

    *figures represent direct and indirect output

As well as economic benefit and increased visitation, the business case also finds that the Gallery will increase local employment, particularly Aboriginal training and employment, and stimulate private investment in Alice Springs and in remote community art galleries.

It also notes that the Gallery project addresses the current absence of a national institution to celebrate Aboriginal art and culture and that Mparntwe (Alice Springs) has a strong claim to host the Gallery on historic, geographic and artistic grounds.

National Aboriginal Art Gallery Strategic Business Case - Summary PDF (998.8 KB) pdf
National Aboriginal Art Gallery Strategic Business Case (full) PDF (3.4 MB) pdf

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