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Testimonial - Steve Shearer

National Aboriginal Art Gallery Local Support

Steve Shearer Transcript

Hello, my name is Steve Shearer I came to Alice Springs 33 years ago.

Originally for six months, but it's such a great place. I have stayed.

I have been involved with the tourism industry all that time.

I'm an honorary life member of the regional tourist association Tourism Central Australia.

You know, Alice Springs and Central Australia is just such an awesome place. Great people, great attractions.

I think that the National Aboriginal Art Gallery will bring a great deal of benefit to our town and our region.

The location of the National Aboriginal Art Gallery below Anzac Hill is a great place to put it.

There are lots for that. It would enhance the CBD, it would help attract more people, it creates employment and not just in construction phases ongoing employment.

Tourism is an extremely important industry in fact every dollar that's spent in town is then spent six times around the town.

So tourism really is everybody's business.

Sometimes change is hard, but you know I've lived here for a long time, I’ve seen a lot of changes and enhancements that have been very definitely for the benefit for the whole town, and I think that this is what it's all about.

Now's the time to have a say.