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Testimonial - Matt Roberts

National Aboriginal Art Gallery Local Support

Matt Roberts Transcript

My name is Matt Roberts, I'm manager here at the Tennis Club, and I won Sports Coach of the year a couple of years ago.

Came for two weeks in 1999, stayed since then.

I'm really pro town, love this town.

The National Aboriginal Art Gallery, I think is going be a cool thing for town.

I think it's something that's been a missing link in town for a while, and I think it's just the start we need.

I think that we've got to be a lot more positive about town, we get down ourselves down a bit.

We need to think about our population and just different ways we can boost this town and get everyone's confidence going again.

This great Art Gallery's not going to solve every problem but jeez it's a good start.

It's not just the tourists going benefit, the everyday users of the community, four years old,

eighty years old, doesn't matter, we're all going to benefit.

We're going have two brand new ovals, so the kids can play and exercise and play sport on, plus we're going have all the same green space we've always had.

Well that was a concern of mine but now that I've found out the facts about it, we're going retain all our events that are in town, so people are going to still be able to hang out, were still going to be able to sing carols together, we're still going be able to spend time together.

I think the site that's proposed makes sense. I think Anzac Oval's such a good fit,

Holistically I think this is definitely, definitely the place if you're thinking of a town in Australia where something like this is going go into, I reckon we're the perfect fit.

So I really think people in town should get behind this project.

It's not a liberal thing, it's not a Labour thing, it's a town thing.

If you're Pro Town have a really good look at the plans like I did.

I really encourage people to have their say about the project and be positive, and be positive about our town. It's going be a great project. It's going be great.