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Testimonial - Justine Petricke

National Aboriginal Art Gallery Local Support

Justine Petrick Transcript

I'm Justine Petrick from Outback Cycling and the Alice Springs Telegraph Station.

I've lived in Alice Springs nearly 15 years, moved here for two years, met my husband and the rest is history.

So the National Aboriginal Art Gallery I think will give Alice Springs at an international level an icon that we can really market, very similar to something like Uluru.

It's an icon of Australia. Uluru is an icon for the region.

But now that the accessibility has changed down there. It's no longer an icon that Alice Springs can market off.

So I think that the National Aboriginal Art Gallery will do that for us in Alice Springs. I think that having an attraction in town makes sense.

It's people who are here and are time poor, they haven't got very long in Alice they don't want to be spending a lot of time transferring around Alice Springs, that's a known fact the length of stay is very short.

So the infrastructure we have around the proposed site being right close to the mall and other similar things means that there's bar, cafes, restaurants all that kind of thing, shops for people to obviously - boost the economy and spend their dollar here in Alice.

I actually live quite close to the proposed site and it's a locked site most of the time and I know we talked about it as a green space for the public but it's actually not a space we can access at this point in time so we will be looking forward to it as a family.

I'd love to see the whole of the Alice community get behind the project in the proposed site at the Anzac oval.

I think that this project proposes a lot of pathways culturally for Indigenous people and also non-Indigenous people. It's a lot of opportunity here for jobs and the flow-on effect in how we can you know put Alice Springs on an international level.

It will help us as a town to really step up to the plate. If we want to remain an outback tourist town.