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Testimonial - Dale McIver

National Aboriginal Art Gallery Local Support

Dale McIver Transcript

G’day my name's Dale McIver and I'm a really proud born and raised local.

Been here 41 years, it’s an amazing place to live.

So I’m a small business owner here in Alice Spring’s. I run Alice Event Management, I do lots of different events whether they be corporate or community events.

I think having the National Aboriginal Art Gallery in Alice Springs is an amazing opportunity for the Town.

I don't think town has had anything this exciting for a very long time.

I think what it can do for the town in relation to creating jobs, creating somewhere for people to go, something a little bit different, is really exciting.

And for the tourism industry, what it can do for this town and the business it can bring in.

Keeping people in Alice Springs is a bit of a challenge, with so much around on our doorstep as well.

One of the big areas I'm involved in is corporate events, so conferences and business people coming to town.

So having something like this for people to either incorporate as part of their conference, or to use as an off-site function venue, is going to be something really exciting.

I think the Anzac Hill Precinct site is a no-brainer for me.

To have it in the centre of our town and be the hub of the town.

I think what it'll do to help lift the town centre, the restaurants and the cafes, will get a lot out of it.

It would be really great to see the Alice Springs community come together on this really exciting project.