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Testimonial - Cecilia Alfonso

National Aboriginal Art Gallery Local Support

Cecilia Alfonso Transcript

My name is Cecilia Alfonso, I'm the manager of Warlukurlangu Artists which is one of the oldest indigenous art centres in Central Australia

I've been in that role for 17 years. Well I've been looking forward to having a National Aboriginal Art Gallery in Alice Springs since it was first proposed.

Personally I'm very surprised that we don't already have one.

I think that it's a no-brainer for this town to showcase its best asset to the world, and to the rest of Australia.

I mean that is what this town is famous for.

I think that the impact of that gallery on the local businesses, I can't see that it would be anything other than positive.

It's not going to be a commercial institution, I think people need to really differentiate between the fact that this is a public institution, it's not going to be competing with the

local businesses, but aiding people to understand about the art and then to go out hopefully and locally purchase a painting.

I've always been a big supporter of the Anzac Precinct site personally because I think that will help to revitalise the centre of town, and if we didn't have it centrally located it would be a missed opportunity for the town.

Like in many other places around the world, an institution of this nature that is built locally helps to revitalise the entire town.

And I’m very committed to this town, it's my town and I wanted to see it thrive and grow in a positive way