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Testimonial - Brendan Heenan

National Aboriginal Art Gallery Local Support

Brendan Heenan Transcript

My name is Brendan Heenan and I'm born here in Alice Springs and I own the BIG 4 MacDonnell Range Holiday Park.

I love Alice Springs, it's the colours of the ranges, the colours of the landscape, just the atmosphere of the whole town it's a fantastic town.

I think that people when they first come here they just can't believe it's such a beautiful town.

I think the National Aboriginal Art Gallery will be a great benefit for Alice Springs.

We need an iconic place for people from all around Australia, from all around the world to come and visit and I think having it in the CBD area has the most benefit for the towns’ people.

Hopefully we will have more accommodation built in Alice Springs in the CBD, this is what the CBD needs, more shops, more coffee shops, more restaurants, and this sort of thing, it will benefit the whole town.

And the other great benefit for the Anzac Hill area, it will enhance the whole green area there.  This will be for Masters Games, all the others, the Carols By Candle Light.

All those iconic events that we have Alice Springs, it will open that whole area up, it will be lovely, a beautiful green space.

You know for the towns’ people of Alice Springs, I'd like everybody to have their say, but personally my opinion would be this is the best spot for it.