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Testimonial - Andrew Doyle

National Aboriginal Art Gallery Local Support

Andrew Doyle Transcript

I'm Andrew Doyle, Principle of First National Real Estate Framptons in Alice Springs.

Been here for 28 years, one of the many that came here for two years and then just fell in love with the town the people and everything it has to offer.

I think the National Aboriginal Art Gallery will give people both nationally and internationally a reason to come to Alice Springs and find out what our towns all about and also I think it's the appropriate place for that National Aboriginal Art Gallery to be located in the heart of Australia.

The site in the CBD is absolutely critical for the town, I think it's important that it is in the CBD, when people do come to town their focus will be on coming into the town.

Tourism is the one variable in our economy everything else is pretty constant so the stronger that is the stronger the town is, so it'll make retail stronger, it will create more jobs, stronger property prices/demand for property, so everyone that has invested into this town will get benefit from that scenario.

There was some uncertainty around the rugby codes and also the open green space. I had those concerns when it was first announced but once the full scope of the project was released, it's going to be a major positive for the town and for the town's economy, if the National Aboriginal Art Gallery is built and located here.

I'd like to encourage anyone that did have some doubts initially, about the location of the National Aboriginal Art Gallery to get on board and publicly support its location.

I think it's absolutely critical for our town that we make sure that it is located here and it is located in the CBD on the Anzac Oval site.