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National Aboriginal Art Gallery

National Aboriginal Art Gallery

The National Aboriginal Art Gallery will be dedicated to the display, celebration and interpretation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art. Through the medium of artistic and creative expression, the Gallery will share the stories of the world’s oldest continuous culture, brought together under one roof in the heart of the nation and the birthplace of contemporary Aboriginal art.

The Gallery will be a unique attraction for thousands of visitors, and create and support ongoing local jobs, especially for Aboriginal people. The governance and operational model for the Gallery is to be based on majority Aboriginal governance and workforce participation, with ‘First Peoples' Principles’ enshrined into every aspect of the Project.

The Project

The National Aboriginal Art Gallery will become a touchstone experience for Australians and international visitors seeking to better understand Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture, and to celebrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art as a quintessential element of our shared national story.

The project will help change the way that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture is understood and experienced, placing our First Nations peoples and their culture at the very centre of Mparntwe / Alice Springs. We will build an institution that is a model for how we accept and engage with our history and build a shared future together.

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The Business Case

A high-level business case was prepared for the project by Ernst & Young which demonstrated that the Gallery will deliver significant social, cultural and economic benefit to Alice Springs and surrounding regions.

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